The Catholic University of America

CWC By Laws




The officers of the CWC shall be Chair, Vice Chair (as needed), Secretary, Liaison Officer, and Treasurer (as needed). They shall each be elected annually by a majority vote of the voting members of the CWC at the last regular meeting of the academic year. Students can serve any position except for Chair. Vice Chair, and Treasurer. These positions can only be served by faculty and staff.  (Amended 4-11-16).  A nominating committee, consisting of 3 voting members appointed by the Chair, may be called at the discretion of the Chair. The nominating committee shall subsequently present a slate of officers at the April meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at that time. Officers shall assume their positions immediately after the election.


    1. Chair

The duties of the Chair shall include:

1. Presiding at the regular and any special meetings of the CWC.

2. Overseeing the formation of subcommittees. Subcommittee members

shall appoint their own chair of the subcommittee.


    1. Vice-Chair (as needed)

The duties of the Vice-Chair shall include:

1. Performing the duties of the Chair in her/his absence.

2. Assisting the Chair in performance of her/his duties, and performing

such other duties as the membership decides.


    1. Secretary

The duties of the Secretary shall include:

1. Maintaining an accurate listing of the voting and non-voting membership of the CWC and all subcommittees.

2. Notifying members of regular or called meetings.

3. Maintaining bylaws and recording changes in bylaws voted upon by the members.

4. Maintaining and distributing to members an accurate recording of the minutes of CWC regular and special meetings and copies of appropriate materials from the meetings.

  5. Being responsible for all incoming and outgoing correspondence.

D. Liaison Officer

The duties of the Liaison Officer shall include:

1. Soliciting members for the CWC. 

2. Assessing and raising awareness of wellness activities taking place on campus and facilitating collaboration with the CWC.

E. Treasurer (as needed)

The duties of the Treasurer shall include

1. Being responsible for the receipt, deposit and disbursement of any funds of the CWC, including, but not limited to, any funds contributed toward the costs of any special events or projects. All checks shall be signed by two officers of the CWC.

2. Soliciting non-monetary contributions and resources for events.

3. Providing a financial report at each regular meeting to be recorded in the minutes.

F.  Communications Officer

           1.  Publicity for the CWC and supervising the design of the CWC webpage.

            2.  Creating and maintianing social media sites.

  G. Officers’ Terms

1. Officers shall each be elected for a term of one year.

2. All officers shall hold their offices until their successors are elected and installed.

3. Any officer of the CWC may be removed at anytime by a three-fourths (¾) majority vote of the voting members present at a regular or special meeting. Consideration of removal may take place in closed session limited to voting members.

4. Any officer may terminate her/his term early by submitting her/his resignation to the membership, which resignation shall become effective thirty (30) days after submission.

5. In the case of an early termination of an officer’s term, the next ranking officer shall assume that officer’s duties until her/his successor is elected and installed, which may, where appropriate, be through expedited procedures. The rank order of officers is as follows: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Liaison Officer, Treasurer, and Communications Officer.

II. MEETINGS and Voting Members

A. Regular meetings shall generally be held monthly.

B. Special meetings may be called at any time for special purposes by the Chair.

C. The attendance of a majority of the voting members of the CWC shall constitute a quorum.

D.  A member shall become a voting member at the time of attending the second meeting of the academic year.


    A.  Ad hoc Committees

The CWC Chair, with the concurrence of the voting members, may organize other standing and special committees as the membership may deem necessary from time to time.



The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the CWC in all cases to which they are applicable, and are not inconsistent with the By-Laws. The Chair shall designate a Parliamentarian when required at any meeting. An official copy of Robert’s Rules of Order for the presiding officer’s use shall be made available by the Secretary.



These By-Laws may be amended by the CWC upon majority vote of the voting members present at a regular meeting, provided that notice of the proposed amendment(s) has been made to all voting members at least 3 (3) days prior to the meeting at which the amendment(s) is presented.


These Organization and By-Laws were adopted at the regular meeting on September 23, 2008 and may be amended at a special meeting.